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UCS Wellness
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UCS Wellness Resources Center

The resources below are available for our UCS community to utilize 24/7. Please click on a particular tab to access the information within that topic.

UCS COVID-19 Building Signage Slideshow
Examples of signage posted throughout district buildings.

Calming Room

Calming Room

UCS Wellness Podcast

The UCS Wellness podcast is a resource created by Utica Community Schools, a K-12 school district located within Macomb County, Michigan. With a focus on physical, mental and social health, UCS Wellness serves as a health hub for students and their families, as well as the community as a whole.
For a list of available episodes, click here.

UCS Wellness Podcast logo

Utica Cares and Supports Wellness

The wellness discussions in this series are informative sessions for parents, caregivers and students.
Click on the image below to play the YouTube video of your choice.