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Teaching Coding with Robotics
Teaching Coding with Robotics
Posted on 10/11/2017
Two girls with computer and robot

Students at Flickinger Elementary are working to develop essential 21st century skills by using robots to extend what they have learned about coding on the desktop computers. For the past couple of years these students have been exploring coding through a comprehensive program available at

Thanks to the proceeds from last year’s book fairs, Flickinger students can bring coding to life by adding the robots. By using the Dash and Dot robots, students engage in challenges that make them decompose problems, recognize patterns, and understand abstract concepts all while having fun! Flickinger student, Jaden Powell, says, “Coding is important because you need real life skills like problem solving. When it gets hard you have to keep trying.” Classmate Jimmy Dennis agrees that “Using robots helps you understand how coding works as you make the robots move and they make mistakes and it requires effort to make it do what you really want. Everyone should learn coding as it is a skill we will need in our futures.”

Coding is a type of literacy that will prepare these Flickinger students for the careers of the future.  Whether it is a career in graphic arts or financial consulting, more and more occupations require employees to have an understanding of reading and writing code.