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Find Recommended School Supply List
Flickinger Elementary provides each student with school supplies to help them thrive throughout the school year. Below are a few additional items you may want to purchase for your child:
  • Check on tennis shoes for your child. It always amazed me how much my boys grew over the summer! Children wear their athletic shoes nearly every day during the school year. A pair that fits well helps to prevent soreness once school starts.
  • Find a sturdy backpack. Taking my children to pick out a backpack each August has been a tradition for us since they started school.  We take pictures with it on the first day so it is fun to see how their preferences change throughout the years. It will be helpful to have a backpack large enough to hold your child's device and folders. 
  • Headphones or earbuds. With all of the technology integration in curriculum, headphones or earbuds help tremendously when 25 students are using something with sound at the same time.  It is important to label your child's listening device with their name.  Also, discuss with them whether you would like the device to stay at school or travel back and forth to home.
  • Folders, writing instruments, crayons, etc. Flickinger continues to provide all of the supplies to assist teachers and students with daily instruction. It allows our staff to tailor their supplies to their personal teaching style. Additionally, public schools are legally required to provide a free and appropriate education to all students.