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Look Who-o-o-o’s Dissecting!
Look Who-o-o-o’s Dissecting!
Posted on 05/02/2019
Students dissecting owl pellet on a yellow sheet

Students began by studying how the internal and external structures of an owl function to support survival, growth and behavior. 

Then, students analyzed the contents of an owl pellet to identify the bones found in the pellet and construct a skeleton of the owl’s prey.  Finally, students made conclusions about predator-prey relationships and the ecosystems that are suitable for owls to live and thrive.

“I liked dissecting owl pellets a lot.  The main reason I liked it is because it was cool to see what an owl eats.  I had four skulls in my pellet which means it ate four different animals,” said 4th grader, Merrick 

Dissecting owl pellets makes science a HOOT!