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Elementary entrepreneurs are invested in learning
Elementary entrepreneurs are invested in learning
Posted on 04/17/2019
Students showing off their business - Happy HatsFlickinger third graders were able to apply their economic knowledge through an Entrepreneur Day.

After learning about economic vocabulary and researching on Discovery Education, students were invited to buy a business license using third grade classroom mini money and work with other entrepreneurs to create a product or service to market to their classmates. 

Students participate daily in a classroom mini-society but adding a culminating project to the economy unit that allowed students to direct their own learning has proved very beneficial.

"Our company, Slimy Stress, made $218 profit by selling slime and the stress balls we made, " stated third grader Veyda Combs.  

"My incentive to buy one slime and get one free made a good profit," added Keira McMillan.