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Flickinger Third Graders Make Michigan Meaningful
Flickinger Third Graders Make Michigan Meaningful
Posted on 10/25/2017
Two students with a boat ring

As part of third grade social studies, students examine Michigan's regions and natural resources.  In order to better compare and contrast Michigan's regions in a meaningful way, Flickinger teachers are integrating writing, reading, and technology.     

Students examined thematic maps and created hands on relief maps complete with landforms, keys, and cardinal directions.  Students read various expository texts and viewed videos on Discovery Education.  

Third graders used all of this information to complete a Venn Diagram and then wrote a compare and contrast informational writing to show their knowledge of Michigan.

"I liked comparing the regions and making the maps," said third grader Brooklyn Holloway.

Students "visited" the various regions enjoying the landmarks and sites of each region.  Highlights included  Tahquamenon Falls or "Root Beer" falls where students sampled root beer as well as took a pretend ferry ride to Mackinac Island.

"The fudge on Mackinac Island was the best and I liked wearing my lifejacket," said 
Travis Noteboom.

Students are excited to continue their studies of Michigan with an in-depth look at Michigan history including more opportunities to make learning meaningful.