Flickinger students go the distance for history
Flickinger students go the distance for history
Posted on 03/16/2017
Students looking at a video screen on their white board

Flickinger third graders recently participated in the ASK program through the Macomb Intermediate School District.  

Students read a novel about Michigan history entitled, Traders In Time as well interviewed the author Janie Panagopoulos.  

"I liked reading about how they went back in time and learned about Native American life,"  said third grader Kevin Kent.  

Students were given the opportunity to ask the author questions about her work.

 "I asked the author if the character LeClaire was based on a real person,"  commented  third grader Jade Burnham. 

Integrating reading, writing, social studies, and technology has created meaningful learning experiences for Flickinger students.  Traveling through time in Michigan studies has taken on a whole new dimension.