Flickinger Elementary students committed to coding
Flickinger Elementary students committed to coding
Posted on 03/03/2017
Students posing with their certificates

Flickinger Elementary students are excited about living by a code.

The students have embraced an elementary coding project to the extent that they have already exceeded the expectations of the initiative.

The students have put in extra hours at home to reach “Course 3” in the coding units – a standard not expected until the end of the sixth grade.

All Utica Community Schools elementary schools have partnered with code.org to integrate programming lessons into media center studies. 

Units include lessons on algorithms, digital footprints, vocabulary strategies, problem solving and perseverance.

Asked why they thought coding was important, students shared the following:

  • Sophia Wenzel (6th grade)- "Technology is a really big part of our future so coding helps us get ready for it."
  • Madelynn Cantrell (6th grade)- "Coding is a brainteaser.  It is so much fun that you get addicted to it.
  • Kase Filipowicz (6th grade)- "Coding should be a class in all elementary schools.  We need it in the future."
  • Emily Norris (5th grade)- "At first I wasn't sure about it but the more I did it the more I like it."
  • Raina Schmidt (6th grade)- I like the challenge coding gives me because I have to think of different possible solutions.